Day Zero

The Challenge: Complete 101 predetermined tasks or goals in 1001 days.

I love making lists and I love setting goals and working towards them. This seems perfect for me. I organized my list into school subjects because... well.... I'm a teacher. There were some tasks that didn't fit into a school subject category so I made up other categories for them. You will find that some tasks could have been broken up into 2 or I could have combined  2 tasks into one. There's no rhyme or reason for the way I made my list. It's just the way that was the best fit for me. Also some tasks belong in more than one category. I just picked one that made the most sense to me.

1001 days
143 weeks
33 months
2 3/4 years

Start Date: October 12, 2011
End Date: July 9, 2014

# of items still to complete: 91
# of items completed: 10

1. Read the Bible
2. Ask 5 friends to recommend a book and read them.
3. Read 10 non-fiction books.
4. Read 10 classics.
5. Read 100 books.
6. Read a whole book in one day.
7. Read 26 books that I've never read before starting with each letter of the alphabet.
8. Read a book by someone I disagree with.
9. Read a biography.
10. Read my height in books.
11. Spend an afternoon reading at the park.
12. Attend a book reading.

13. Participate in NaBloWriMo (October)
14. Participate in NaNoWriMo (November)
15. Keep a "My Day in 6 Words" journal for one month.
16. Write a will.
17. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 1,001 days.
18. Write 10 Creative Writing prompts.
19. Write something and submit it for publishing.
20. Take a writing class.
21. Write 101 blog entries.

Home Ec:
22. Try one new recipe each month. ( 0/33 )
23. Learn how to bake bread.
24. Learn how to make soap.
25. Start a personal cookbook to pass down someday.
26. Make rainbow cupcakes.
27. Cook Thanksgiving dinner.
28. Make something found on Pinterest once a month.
29. Take a cooking class.
30. Learn to make creme brulee.
31. Make cinnamon rolls.
32. Make my own laundry detergent.
33. Make lasagna from scratch.
34. Make a pie in Pi Day.
35. Bake a cake from scratch.
36. Make my own candles.

37. Give 100% tip.
38. Pay off car.
39. For every completed task, donate $5 to a charity and put $5 in savings.
40. For every completed task, put away $1 to buy something just for me.
41. Buy a stranger's dinner.
42. Buy a new dress for first wedding anniversary.
43. Buy a new DSLR camera.
44. Buy a house.

45. Take a random road trip.
46. Receive cards from 20 different countries.
47. Learn to say "hello" in 10 different languages.
48. Make a list of 20 places to visit.
49. Go to Crater Lake.
50. Go to Seattle.
51. Go to Grand Canyon.
52. Go to Yellowstone National Park.
53. Make plans to travel to another country.

54. Go bowling.
55. Go miniature golfing
56. Be able to run for 30 minutes straight.
57. Lose 90 pounds. ( 7/90 )
58. Run a 5K.
59. Run a 10K.
60. Run in a half marathon.
61. Go to a baseball game.
62. Be part of a flash mob.
63. Complete the 200 sit-ups challenge.
64. Go to a football game.
65. Complete the 200 squats challenge.

66. Take a photo everyday for one month.
67. Watch 26 movies never seen before starting with every letter of the alphabet.
68. Go see a film on opening day.
69. Take a photo of the same place every month for one year.
70. Have my photo taken in a photo booth.
71. Have a Star Wars movie marathon.
72. Take a self portrait every week for one year.
73. Create a photo wall.
74. See 2 movies in the theater on the same day.

For my brain:
75. Learn a new word everyday for one month.
76. Complete a puzzle.
77. Finish a crossword puzzle.

For me:
78. No TV for one week.
79. Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011.
80. Go without coffee for one month.
81. Go to a movie by myself.
82. Find perfect fitting jeans.
83. Get a drastically different haircut.
84. Color my hair.
85. Make a list of 100 things that I love.
86. Have a spa day.
87. Make a list of 100 favorite quotes.

For family:
88. Get pregnant.
89. Have a baby.
90. See my sister graduate.

For you:
91. Surprise someone with flowers.
92. Inspire someone to make their own 101 in 1,001 list. Updated 10/16/11

93. Eat at 10 new restaurants.
94. Have a picnic on the beach.
95. Watch the sunset.
96. Go to 5 local museums.
97. Grow a plant.
98. Try sushi.
99. Go to a parade.
100. Carve a pumpkin and roast the seeds.
101. Start a new tradition.